Progress Is Blooming at Sunbelt

One of our favorite things to do is show you how a project evolves over time. That said, it’s time to follow up on a project we shared with you a few weeks ago. We’re making progress on the Sunbelt Forest Products three-building job in Bartow after installing the concrete.

We’ve moved on to erecting the mechanics shop, a pre-engineered metal building manufactured by Whirlwind Steel Buildings. The building is 25-by-150 feet long — the first 50 feet of which will be enclosed with an overhead door and walk door installed.  25’ x 50’ will be enclosed.

The remaining 25’ by 100’ of space will be a roof structure that Sunbelt can use to store products underneath.

Sometimes it’s better to show than tell, so we wanted to include tons of photos in this post to give you a look at some of the work our crew has focused on recently. 

  • Picture 1: We installed the eave girt to stabilize the columns
  • Picture 2: These columns, the primary framing, is now standing tall and sturdy 
  • Pictures 3 and 5: The roof purlins are being installed here
  • Picture 4: Here you see both the existing building and the addition we’ve added, the new building, which is having a wind bent installed

  • Picture 6: Take a look at the overhead door opening, where our crew is installing wall purlins
  • Picture 7: Products will be stored in these open bays. We’re not installing wall purlins in this area because it won’t be sheeted
  • Picture 8: This is the end wall framing
  • Picture 9: This is a better picture of the portal frame. The portal frame is required to get the 50’ clear span required for the maintenance shop.

  • Picture 10: In this photo our crew is working on the secondary framing and x bracing. X bracing is used to square the building.
  • Picture 11: Another look at the x bracing in the roof and walls
  • Picture 12: Shows the end wall structure

There’s still work to be done, and our next step will be to sheet this building. Find more details on how this project started here.

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