We Do More Than Build; We Repair

At A.O. Construction, we are skilled in a vast range of professional services, offering our clients high-quality work that is crafted with care, that is cost efficient, and timely. In addition to our design/build options and erection of new buildings, we also repair already existing metal buildings structures.

Here are some photos to illustrate our metal building repair portfolio:

  • Pictures 1 & 6: For this project, we removed and replaced 11 skylights in a metal building roof. As you can see, our repair work is seamless with the original work. This job was located in Tampa, FL.
  • Pictures 2 & 3: In this case, our team repaired the damage columns in the rodeo arena at River Ranch in Lake Wales. Our crew tackled this project right on time for the rodeo that week!
  • Pictures 4 & 5: This is a wall we constructed out of steel channel. This wall in particular prevents pallets from falling into the work area where trusses are being constructed. This was part of the Sunbelt project in Bartow, FL.

We often recommend metal buildings to our clients, especially those looking for cost-efficient options. Metal buildings tend to be cheaper than conventional construction and the amount of time to construct them is also less than conventional construction. It’s also important to maintain buildings, no matter what material they’re made of. The time and cost for repairs will range depending on what needs to be done, but regular maintenance and upkeep can help offset the need to splurge on major repairs.

A.O. is passionate about getting our clients exactly what they need. Depending on the needs of the repair, sometimes we have an engineer draw up the fix before we get started. This protects both the customer and us, ensuring that we are fixing the area according to engineered specifications. We actually used this method on the River Ranch job mentioned above.

A.O. Construction serves Central Florida, including Winter Haven, Lakeland, Davenport, Haines City, Auburndale, and Avon Park. For more information, email us at info@aoconstructionco.com or give us a call at 863-299-4444 to discuss the needs of your project.