Getting Victory Ridge’s Early Learning Center Ready for the Rainy Season

As Central Florida construction workers grapple with triple-digit heat indexes, A.O. Construction’s team is working hard to stay safe while keeping projects moving.

We’re quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of breaking ground on the Victory Ridge Academy project, a Lake Wales school for students with exceptional needs. Let’s check in!

Our most recent update in May gave an overview of the progress we had made on all three buildings. This week, we’re focusing on the Early Learning Center (ELC).

This building is going to replace portable classrooms the academy was using. We’ve designed it with ample space for students to learn, consisting of 12 classrooms and 20,000 square feet. Check out the exterior:

Photo 1 shows the soffit and gutter. 

Photo 2 shows the stucco, windows, soffit, and gutter. The pipes you see sticking out of the ground are part of the underground drainage system. The downspouts from the gutter will run into these pipes.

Photo 3 gives you a peek at the downspouts that are ready to be installed.

Photo 4 offers another view of the soffit and gutter.

We’ve created a gated area where the AC units are located. 

In photos 6-7, you can see our crew constructing the canopy. The diamond-shaped boxes will be filled with concrete.

In photo 10, our team is preparing the canopy footers for the concrete pour.

Photo 11 captures the downspouts we are prepping for installation.

Our team is continuously making progress on this site, and we can’t wait to show you the finished product.

We’re proud to play a vital role in bringing Victory Ridge to the neighborhood and giving the students a safe space to learn and grow. 

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