Don’t Skip the Roof Inspection

Regular upkeep and monitoring of a home’s maintenance needs can save homeowners a substantial amount of money in the long run. As the “head” of your home, roofs are arguably the most important aspect of the structure, protecting the inside — and your family — from the elements and other potential dangers.

It’s important to conduct regular roof inspections to identify any current or future problems before they become a larger – and often, more costly – issue. You’ll want a qualified roof inspector to take a look at your current or prospective property. This professional should be able to determine the quality of the roof without causing damage to the structure.

Problems that can be caught during a roof inspection include leaks, mold, and areas where air may be escaping. Leaks can make it more difficult to heat or cool your home, which almost always results in higher utility bills. All of these issues can be caught during an inspection and repaired before they grow into bigger, more costly problems.

Putting off roof inspections can also have indirect effects down the road. For example, did you know that a roof in need of repair or replacement can decrease your property’s value? Potential buyers know repairs can be costly and often take that into consideration in their offer.

In addition, roof damage is dangerous for your family and any visitors, as it makes a residence more accident-prone. In the worst case, a roof may collapse if neglected over a period of time.

As roofs age, their integrity is compromised. Making small investments into regular roof inspections and fixing any issues that arise save a homeowner from major investments to repair longtime damage in the future. Preventive measures ensure the upkeep of your residence and the safety of those inside.

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