Car Wash Site Cruises Closer to Completion

Since last December, A.O. Construction has been working on a renovation to Lakeland’s Parkway Car Wash. We’ve teamed up with SVN (Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate) to complete this renovation, and they’re handling the management of the property and construction. The property is owned by Imperial Florida Partners, a Lakeland based commercial real estate investment group. 

We love working with local businesses, and working with SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler has been a great experience. This project entails a complete remodel of the existing car wash with new equipment, larger bays, and renovations to the parking lot. Let’s take a look at our progress on the project so far. 

First, we have a picture showing the selective demolition of the existing car wash. We’re constructing new block walls, and the new slab has been formed and is ready to pour new concrete. 

Here we have before and after pictures of the carwash bay. The first two pictures show it before, with the trench and slab formed and ready for concrete, while the last picture shows it after the concrete is poured. We’ve also started installing block walls. 

Next, we have two pictures of the block walls being installed. 

This picture shows the car wash bay, with the highlighted area showing where the new mechanical room will go.

These photos showing the before and after of the new parking lot trench drain. This will mitigate the amount of water runoff into the car wash bay. 

Here we have before and after pictures of the concrete slab. The first picture shows the before, with the slab formed and the rebar mat installed, while the second picture shows it after being poured. We’re also constructing the block wall here. 

This next picture shows the new backflow preventer, bollard, and slab that we put in. 

Finally, these are the block masons constructing the walls.

We started demolition on this project on December 15, and we expect to finish by the end of this month! 

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